Surgery Log 2012 – Relaxing Day

Relaxing Day – 11/21/12 – Wednesday – I decide to have a relaxing and nice day. Screw cleaning and everything; it’s not like I don’t have any time to do these chores due to my extremely busy schedule. If I have learned one thing about myself it is that is that I HATE being idyll. One of my goals was to start making money writing, yet I read a blog about just that. He says that most people will not be able to achieve this unless they are very web savvy, have specific content useful to others, and be persistent. I began to wonder if what I write is just whimsical musings and very self-indulgent. I spend so much time trying to be “something” and finding my true calling. Don’t you think I would know this by now at the ripe old age of 60? Just like I chase youth by getting various procedures to make me look younger, I actually believe that I am still young, which is probably not a bad thing. I guess I am like Peter Pan—-I won’t grow up. Unfortunately, my body does not share that same idea because time marches on. I call Joanne to wish her a happy birthday and then speak to David. He tells me that Joseph is actually and unbelievably invited to the family’s Thanksgiving gathering. I am shocked and pleasantly surprised that he is even invited and that he has accepted. It is the highlight of my day.

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