Surgery Log 2012 – Post op Laminectomy

Post op Laminectomy – 11/9/12 – It is 3 days post op and Donna picked me up today and brought me to a meeting. My back is very sore and it is hard for me to sit. Nevertheless I am happy to be out and about. Later in the day I decide to do some walking. My knee is beginning to regress probably because I am off painkillers. I was so constipated that I stopped them all. Since I am not on any anti-inflammatories, my knee is a disaster and not supporting me. I am outside walking and I fall right on my back. Although I do not seem to have done any real damage, I am stunned and shaking. I go back into the house and call Stacey, who reassures me that if I had broken anything I would not have been able to get up, which I did right away. I feel a lot better.

11/10/12 – It is Saturday and Ruth comes over and drives me to a Midday meeting. I am in a good state of mind today and we spend some time in Starbucks. I feel hopeful again.

11/11/12- Sunday – I feel lost and out of sorts. I am very lonely and bored. I have resolved to do lots of writing but my brain is not working at all. I seem incapable of getting started doing anything so I lump around the house.

11/12/12- Monday Joyce drives me to a follow up mammogram appointment and luckily everything is OK. Donna comes over and drives me to a meeting in the evening in Evans. Everyone seems surprised to see me and it is the highlight of my day. I am just happy to see people and to get out of the house, which has become my prison of sorts.

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