Surgery Log 2012 – Better State of Mind

Better State of Mind – 12/12/12 ā€“ Wednesday ā€“ This is a date that, according to reports, will not come around again for about another 100 years. For some unexplained reason I wake up in a better state of mind. Iā€™m not sure why because there is never any specific explanation, but it seems I am less numb. Again, this may be my imagination, but I will take it. Since I feel decent, I do my exercises and walking outside today, in the morning before taking a shower. I am very productive in the morning. But it seems that when I do a lot of exercises, I end up even more numb. I am trying to just ignore this so I get ready for a meeting. Afterwards I do some paper work for the spa at home, file bills, pay a huge bill in full, order a Christmas present on line for my son and family, etc. The bill was for almost $800 and was a smack in the face to open my mailbox and see that. But after speaking to the billing department I realized I had to bite the bullet and pay it. But even though I feel physically lousy as I usually do later in the day, I persevere and try to keep my spirits up. I was prescribed Gabapentin, a drug for nerve pain, a while ago, but never took it due to reading about bad side effects. But I then saw on the Internet that many people take it with good results. The nurse said I should try it so I did, before going to bed.

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