Surgery Log 2012 – No Improvement

No Improvement – 12/5/12 – Wednesday – I woke up in pain because I am laying off the ibuprofen due to my impending facial surgery on the 11th. I really don’t realize how much the ibuprofen helps me. I took the stupid steroid pills which so far have yielded as much of a result as the surgery itself. I do my exercises at home, trying to remember all of them from PT yesterday. I had a little hope yesterday because the therapist gave me some, but left to my own devices, that hope rapidly dissipates. The other night I went to a meeting and saw Frank who had spinal surgery the day before I did. He is doing great and improving rapidly. That stuck in my mind and I know that I should be happy for him yet I cannot help but feel jealous and angry. Then today I went to a meeting in the afternoon only to see yet another person who had surgery last week and is improving. Yet, here I am, 4 weeks out and I have literally no improvement, and I am in fact worse, in some respects. I cannot walk properly and my right leg is weak. I drag my foot and am scared while in the car because my reaction time is not good. It all came to a head this afternoon and I blew a gasket. It started because I was doing my cleaning, which takes me forever. Then I started to get resentful because I thought of Frank who only has to concentrate on getting better and has a wife to clean and cook. I, on the other hand, have to do all this by myself. I cannot just let my house go to pot; it needed cleaning but it wiped me out completely. Then I got angry and resentful that I have to do this alone, and it snowballed from there into a full-blown meltdown, complete with crying and ranting and raving. I called Gail to see if she could speak to Maudy (a spiritualist) and call me with some guidance. I could not stop crying while on the phone, and must have sounded pathetic. This is just too much for me to take on some days, and the trigger was seeing others improving while I am left in the dust with no discernable idea of when or if I will get any better at all. It is also so frustrating that I cannot talk directly to the doctor.

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