Surgery Log 2012 – December 31st – Happy New Year

Monday – December 31, 2012

Happy New year. I called the NS’s office and of course spoke with the nurse who told me that the EMG findings are nothing that would cause these symptoms. Apparently they indicate an old radiculopathy and nothing new. I was shocked that she did not even say she would speak to the NS to see what else could be done. I asked if she ever saw anything like that before and she said NO. So I said that basically they are dismissing me and she said she was sorry but they don’t know what else to do. I was at a meeting when I heard this and I left in a state of shock and sat in my car. I called a friend who has had problems too for the recommendation of her recent NS who she had success with. She gave me the name and I called. They cannot see me—if they even will see me—until the end of January. Apparently they need the records and also because my surgery is still so new they probably won’t even consider it. That is my guess and that leaves me nowhere. I am not even going to say what went through my head after that and I was in a fog. Ruth came over to the car to talk and we ended up going for coffee at Starbucks, which was a little relief. I then called my NS’s office and found out the procedure for sending medical records over to another doctor. It is done by snail mail and takes at least about 2 weeks. In the meantime, I must wait. The nurse at my current office said she will probably send me to see the occupational therapist to see my readiness for work, which is a joke. I am lost and I feel like I have run out of hope.

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