Surgery Log 2013 – Jan 7th – Appointment about EMG

Monday, 1/7/13 – I had an appointment with the doctor (PA actually) to talk about my stupid EMG. I don’t even know why the hell I bothered for all the good it did me. I waited an hour just to be called into a room where the medical assistant/nurse/or whatever they are just needed to update my file. I was very wobbly on my feet today and getting into the chair, I fell off. I did not even hurt myself at all, but they had to take a least 3 Xrays to make sure I didn’t break anything for liability purposes. So, that will add to my astronomical bill. It looks like 2013 is starting out the way 2012 was, complete with my son in dire straits. Then I finally saw the PA and she told me that the EMG shows only an old chronic injury in L5 and S1, which I don’t believe. My question was why did this not bother me before my surgery; why now. I know it is due to something going wrong but I cannot prove it. I know either that or they just did not correct the source of my problems. Either way, I am suffering and almost cannot bare it. They have dismissed me from their care and referred me to pain management (a doctor in their practice) so we’ll see. I know, in my heart of hearts, that something was missed. But, good luck in proving it and good luck in getting another neurosurgeon or doctor to figure out what the hell is wrong with me. I have pretty much lost hope at this point and that is a dangerous place to be. In the meantime, the doctor has only approved (this is too unbelievable for me) a big whopping 4 more days of disability, until January 11th. Isn’t that generous of them—you would think that they are paying the money out of their paychecks (which are quite adequate so you’d think they would show some compassion). So, this never- ending saga continues into the new year with no end in sight.

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