Go With Your Gut

People always say, “Just go with your gut.” I never quite understood that completely but I recently learned that the “GUT” is considered “the second brain.” There is a distinct connection between the brain and the GI tract (the gut). So many people make “logical decisions” when their basic core is saying otherwise. I’ve been trying to connect more with my gut lately and I’ve been pretty successful, but not always. I sometimes resort to logic alone rather than listening to my “second brain”. My brain kept telling me to “hang in there” and keep working at a profession that I no longer enjoy, let alone dislike. My brain keeps me living in fear; fear of running out of money and being destitute, which comes from a childhood fraught with financial insecurity, brought on by a compulsive gambling dad. Is this a rational way of thinking at my age?–of course not, but I still make so many decisions based on that old fear. Ok, as a responsible human being I cannot totally abandon logical thinking, but sometimes you just have to “go for it.” My MO is to deny, deny, deny, until it becomes apparent that I must make a decision one way or another. A few months ago I took the plunge and gave notice but left the door open for 2 days of work per week, which was still hanging onto my fear. Then a few weeks ago I decided to pack it in completely, in spite of being scared to death. But, being brave is different for each individual and what you may think is no big deal, might be petrifying to someone else. I think it comes down to FAITH–faith in yourself to let go of your base fears and actually listen to your GUT. I think your gut will lead you in the right direction if you let it.

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