Surgery Log 2012 – Feeling Better

Feeling Better – Post surgery – 11/16/12 – Friday – It is 10 days after surgery and I don’t feel too bad. It is Friday so I am automatically feeling better. I go to a meeting with Ruth and spend the rest of the day at home, but doing chores. I come up with very creative ways to clean using a folding chair, my grabber with sponges attached, my mop in my bathtub, etc. I am thinking of writing a book about how to get around when you cannot bend or have disabilities. I am supposed to get together with my new renter, Cindy, but she comes home at about 10:30 pm and goes upstairs. I am annoyed because she does not seem to understand how to lock the front door or set the alarm, and I want to get that straight. I also want set up a direct deposit but that is not happening tonight.

11/17/12 – It is Saturday and I am feeling hopeful and good, just by virtue of the fact that it is just Saturday. My legs seem a little less numb, but that may be due to my better state of mind. There is truth to “mind over matter”. Ruth picks me up for a meeting and afterwards we go to Starbucks. I am actually almost “happy” or at least what will pass for happiness in my lexicon. I cannot remember when the last time I felt that elusive emotion, so I hang on to it. Rather than say I am HAPPY I would categorize it as simply content and not troubled. However, I realize that I have been totally forgetting to get the mail, so when I do I discover a non-certification letter from my insurance company for the second hospital day. Since it is Saturday, they are not in, although I find this out after 5 minutes of going through various menu options, only to be told, “We’re sorry, we are not open. Please call back during business hours.” I try to figure out how I can lodge a complaint about this but I cannot because I cannot leave a message because they hang up on you!