Surgery Log 2012 – Recovering

Recovering – 11/13/12 – Tuesday – It has been 1 week since the laminectomy and I am recovering from this surgery. I go for a bone density study since the surgeon mentioned that I have osteoporosis in my back. This was very upsetting to me since I was unaware of this. The study revealed that I had borderline osteoporosis and the doctor started me on pills to treat it. But I am glad that these two upsets are out of the way.

11/14/12 – Wednesday – Ruth picks me up and gets me to a meeting at Midday. It is a step meeting and I am just grateful to be out and about. My friend and colleague, Kay, comes over to help me out. She has a doll for a son who helps clean and set up my DVD downstairs. I have every intention of writing in my Blog and getting “lots of things done” but I seem incapable of doing anything substantial.

11/15/12 – Thursday – I wake up very depressed with a very bad headache so I take 2 useless Tylenols. I am feeling so bad that I literally do absolutely nothing for a few hours until the headache subsides. I did not go out of the house at all the entire day, which also contributed to my feelings of total isolation. As usual, my brain is scattered and I don’t seem to be able to focus on anything at all, resulting in getting nothing done. I resolve to do more the next day. I am totally exhausted and I don’t seem to be able to understand that I just had major surgery and this might be perfectly normal. I am not giving myself a break. Also, my renter who was supposed to move in is still sick and has not done so. I am getting nervous that I won’t get my rent on time. She texts me to reassure me that she will have the rent, which she does. She brings more items to add to the clutter upstairs which she started about a week ago. It unnerves me probably because I am not in a good state of mind. I call various people to see who could pick me up but nobody calls back and nobody picks me up so I just stay at home that night. My friend John calls me and I end up feeling much better before I go to bed.