Surgery Log 2012 – Pain

Pain – Self referral – Sept 2012 – I am in so much pain that I reach out on Facebook and several people recommend a place called Augusta Back. When I went there they ask me who referred me and I put, “SELF Referral” because it was. If I had waited for my primary care doctor to send me for an MRI, I would still be waiting. My orthopedic knee doctor would not refer me for an MRI either for fear of “stepping on the toes” of the other doctor; how ridiculous is that! So, I had to be my own advocate and take matters into my own hands. The MRI reveals that I have bulging disks and most importantly, spinal stenosis, in the lumbar region.

I see Dr. Baker, an osteopath, first. He specializes in the administration of epidural steroid injections, which worked at first, but soon gave out. The first day I was ecstatic because the pain was gone, although the numbness in my toes was still there. I actually cried with relief, thinking that finally my nightmare was over. Unfortunately the numbness was not addressed. He tried another round of injections two weeks later and the numbness seemed worse. At that point he referred me to Dr. Shaver, a neurosurgeon who was recommended by 2 people I know. She informed me of my options and they all pointed to surgery. I agreed and my laminectomy was scheduled for November 6, 2012.