Surgery log 2013 – Spinal surgery

March 6, 2013

Surgery was 6 days ago and I am still having pain in my chest. I was told it is due to chondritis (inflammation of cartilage between ribs) due to the back surgery. In the hospital, I am sure the staff must have thought I was a baby. They had absolutely no idea how really terrible I felt between the incision in the back (quite long), the reflux in my belly due to the pain meds, and the horrendously painful chest. Every time the physical therapists came around, I was in severe, severe, chest pain which impeded my progress with the walking. However, I must have still done decently because I did not quality for in-patient rehab. I am actually very glad that I went home because there truly is “no place like home”, at least for me. They gave me a shot in the hospital of Toradol for the inflammation in my chest. It made a world of difference, but once the shot wore off, the pain started in again with a vengeance. By the time I wanted to sleep, it was impossible due to the belly and chest pain. I got almost no sleep last night. I called the office and they prescribed oral Toradol, which I can only take for 5 days at the most. Unfortunately I ended up eating too much for dinner which is now causing pain in my chest again, just in time for bed. I hope I will not have another bad night. It is worse when I sit or lay down. It seems the less I eat, the better I am. I am done with feeling horrible—-it is time for me to get better and start living a real life. Unfortunately, my legs are still stiff as a board but that might be due to the trauma of the surgery. But, on a good note, my right leg has improved drastically and I am able to move it on its own, rather than me lifting it up with my hands. That’s major and hopefully, the other nerve problems will improve over time. At least the leg issue seems to have resolved immediately.