Surgery Log 2013 -Surgery Again

February 23, 2013

I saw my original surgeon and she was very nice so I made the decision that I will go with her and her team again. Otherwise, I would have to start with someone else and wait even longer. I can only hope that I will have some major improvement, otherwise I do not know what else to do. Surgery will be on Friday, March 1st. I had a very hard day doing massage today and I am totally exhausted. Each time I’m in the massage room, I have to walk very slowly, and watch every step I take. I am always in fear of losing my balance and falling. I also have to apply for the Aflac disability again, which for some reason, makes me feel guilty. I know work is getting annoyed but I cannot help this. I hope there is no problem with the Aflac because I am counting on this to live for a while. I just must get better, I must.